VSX Dev Con - Day 1 - Part 2

It's been a full day of sessions and we're still not done yet.  James is currently presenting a talk about the Isolated shell (similar to the chalk talk I gave at Tech Ed).  Doug Hodges VS architecture presentation is next and we're anticpating a full house for that.

We had over 300 people sign up for the conference and the turn out has been great.  Jean-Marc's intro to VSX and DSL talks went well.  He had a lot of material to present in an hour so hopefully folks will get a chance to review his talk and slide deck.  Aaron also presented a deployment talk which I missed since I was at Jean-Marc's presentation.

Anthony also confirmed the slide decks will be available later tonight on http://msdn.com/vsx/conference (click on the sessions link).

Tonight, we have an "Ask the Experts" session where conference attendees can ask us anything. Hopefully we'll have answers for them :)

It's been pretty exciting seeing everyone jazzed up about VS extensibility!  It's also been great to sync up with Ken, Pablo, and many of our other VSX insiders.