VSX Dev Con - Day 2

Another great day at our VSX Dev Conference today.  Our marketing directory Joe Marini kicked things off this morning with a great talk about how to start getting into the business of marketing and selling your extensions.

The rest of the day was jammed packed with other great talks and we're now ending the day with some of our VSX Insiders and VSIP partners demo'ing some of the cool extensions they built on top of Visual Studio.

The slide decks for all the talks are now available here.  All the sessions were recorded so we'll try to get them on the dev center as soon as possible.

Today is also the last day of the public portion of the conference.  Our VSIP partners will be here for the rest of the week attending other talks and participating in 1:1 discussions to answer specific questions.  I always love the 1:1 clinics as it gives you plenty of time to talk to partners and build a stronger relationship with them.  This time around, I'll be meeting with 3 or 4 different partners to address their questions and concerns.

Thanks to everyone that made it to our conference this year and a big thanks to our VSX marketing team and Anthony C. for putting together an awesome conference.

Hope to see all of you next year!