What are the customization points for the Visual Studio Isolated Shell?

I've been asked this several times by our Visual Studio Integration Partners, by folks with questions on the forums, and even from internal Microsoft teams who want to use the Isolated Shell.

The problem is there are so many places that you can customize that our documentation is out of date and there isn't a central place that captures all of this.

I'm working with our documentation team to update our docs on MSDN but for those who want a sneak peek or atleast an updated list of the customization points of the Visual Studio Isolated Shell, here's a list I collected from looking at the template and our old documentation:

· Enable/Disable Packages through pkundef

· Enable/Disable menu commands through VSCT file

· Help/About window

· Application Title

· Application icon

· Splash screen bitmap

· Command Line logo

· User Files sub foldername

· New Project Dialog solution treenode title

· New Project Dialog installed templates header

· Hide Misecellaneous files by default

· Addins allowed

· Disable output window

· Allows dropped files on main window

· Default search page

· Default home page

· Hide solution concept

· Default debug engine

· User options File extension

· Solution file extension

· Default user files folder root

· Solution File Creator Identifier

· Predefined Aliases String

· Default Projects Location

· Application Localization Package