What to get a developer for Christmas?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Atleast it is in the Northwest.  There's about a foot of snow outside my house and Microsoft Campus has been semi opened the last few days because of our winter storm.  Having grown up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - one of the world's coldest places on earth in the middle of winter, it was awesome seeing a foot of snow outside my place.  It reminds me Christmas time when I was growing up.

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One of the biggest challenges at Christmas is to find a gift for your friends and family.  At Microsoft, what do you get a developer who has a high end PC, a killer sound system, and Visual Studio 2008?  Developer Tools, ofcourse!  One of our top VSX community members just finished his latest Visual Studio developer extension.  Pablo Galiano has released Sticky Notes for Visual Studio.

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I had a chance to play with Sticky Notes before it was released and it's a very handy tool.  I normally put a lot of TODOs or other comments in my code and end up having to dig through it to clean it up afterwards.  I also use pads of post it notes on my desk to remind me of things to do so seeing a sticky notes app for Visual Studio is great.  I don't need to waste more trees with my post it notes and I don't need to always search and find my code comments.

Pablo's done a great job with it so try it out.  It's also a great last minute Christmas gift if you're looking to get something for your special developer :)

Have a great Christmas, Happy New Year, and see you all in 2009.