“Quick Dev” Live on Channel 9

You know, it’s amazing.  You spend tons of time working on a certain problem, only to later on find that there’s already a tool that does exactly what you’re looking for.  Maybe it’s not even something that takes tons of time, just something that’s invonvenient and should easier.  For example, when I first started working with JSON, I manually created C# object models to mirror the JSON object.  Come to find out, there’s something so wonderful as http://json2csharp.com/ which takes JSON as an input and provides you the C# object model.  Exactly what I needed.  BOOM, problem solved!

With the above in mind and the abundance of tools, extensions, plugins, etc. out there, I decided to create “Quick Dev”, a video series whose goal is simple, “To Save You, the Developer, Time”.  It just becomes such a waste of time to recreate the wheel when it is already created.  So, today, the first video went

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live on @Channel9, and is 1 of 4 videos to focus on Mobile Application Development with Xamarin.  In the first video, we will explore what Xamarin is, how it can help you save time in mobile development, and what a first project looks like!  For more information on Xamarin, you can check my Xamarin index page on my site, http://jamesqquick.com/xamarin/.  Otherwise…

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As always, love to hear any feedback in the comments below of on twitter @jamesqquick.