Quick Links of the Week – 9/8/2015


Windows 10 on 81 Million Machines

Just a week after the previous “Quick Links”, the number of machines running Windows 10 has gone from 75 to now 81 million.  In one week, 6 million more Windows 10 machines :).



Windows 10 Symbols

Have you heard of the new support in Windows 10 to create a hamburger button menu?  Did you know that you have to create the actual hamburger button yourself?  If you need any of those standard icons for your app such as the ones below, find them here!!


Symbols in a Windows 10 app

Fast Charging with Windows Phones

With the exciting rumors and leaks of upcoming Windows Phones, a new rumor has surfaced!  Fast Charging!!



Microsoft Releases Framework Competitor for Bootstrap

Microsoft and Open Source web frameworks?  You might be thinking…you rarely hear those two together in a sentence.  Not only did Microsoft open source Win.JS, but has now announce a UI Framework to compete with Bootstrap called Office UI Fabric.  Check it out!