Enterprise Social Roadmap & Service Updates Transition

JOIN the Office 365 Technical network today to stay up to date on our next wave of innovations!

 As Yammer becomes the social fabric of Office 365 and to support significant user growth we believe this network will provide a broader reach and foster engagement across not only all our enterprise services but across our technical audiences including IT Pros & Developers. We have also included key Social innovations in the Office 365 for business public roadmap so our customers have a single source to see all recent or upcoming service updates. Join us for a YamJam to discuss the new public roadmap and First Release program on Tuesday, June 24th at 9am PDT. Sign up directions below. Please note we will continue to publish blog posts on both the Yammer and Office blogs for key product announcements as well as continue to update the Yammer release schedule. Check this note for additional information: https://www.yammer.com/yammerycn/notes/1375429

 Here’s how to participate in the Roadmap Communications YamJam:

  1. Request access to the Office 365 Technical Network.  
  2. Join the Roadmap Communications YamJam group. You can find it through by using the Browse Groups function, or through the search bar.
  3. Log in at 9:00am PDT (6:00pm CET) on Tuesday, June 24th to ask questions, follow the discussions, and connect with Microsoft team members (from engineering and technical product marketing (with no requirement to be licensed for Yammer Enterprise)