Nuggets of the week 48

8 Tips for Transforming SharePoint into a Social Business Hub & 5 Myths about SharePoint as an Enterprise Social Platform
Several Tips regarding User Adoption, Simplicity, End Users and Business Focus


Gratis E-Book! Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - Das Entwicklerbuch
German SharePoint eBook for Developer for free from Microsoft Press


10 Tips to increase SharePoint-Performance
Performance Tuning Tips (German)

SharePointPodcast mit Peter Fischer, Product Manager SharePoint at Microsoft Germany
listen here (German)

Office365 Update
Office 365 adds 22 Additional Markets, New Features and Continues Record Growth Rate.Find out more here


MarketScope for Enterprise Search
Gartner's MarketScope for Enterprise Search examines a group of generalist vendors.           


SQL Server Configuration timeouts - and a workaround [SSIS]  
SSIS Junkie writes about how to use dtsConfig-files instead of SQL Server configurations and change the timeout on the "SSISConfigurations" Connection Manager