Nuggets of the week 50

1. New AdventureWorks Databases for SQL Server 2012 RC0

Download here

2. Rich interactive Excel-Mashup

Upload your workbook to Skydrive,mash it up with Java API and embed it on your website. Link here 

3. Microsoft Visio 2010 for SharePoint Network Topology
Visio Template here

4. OneNote, Lync and Skydrive for Mobile
great new Apps for WindowsPhone and iOS which increase Business Productivity

5. SharePoint Podcast von Michael Greth

with Bi-Experte Markus Raatz (in German)

6. T-SQL Tuesday #25 : T-SQL Tips 'n' Tricks

bunch of useful tips for daily work

7. SQL-Script to create Best Practise Databases
German Blogpost

8. SharePlus: Mobile Apps for SharePoint
Currently available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Playbook. WindowsPhone coming soon

9. Export SharePoint Feature Overview to csv

find PowerShell Script here

10. Visualize Datacenter System Architecture with SharePoint and Visio Service
Link to Dashboard