Nuggets of the weeks 8 & 9

SharePoint Developer Tools in Visual Studio 11 – Part I

 have a look what’s New in SharePoint Developer Tools for Visual Studio 11 Beta


SharePoint 2010 101 Code Samples
Nice bunch of Code Samples (HTML5 Objects, AJAX enabled WebParts, Styled Master Pages, JQuery enabled WebParts, Silverlight based ListItems and much more)

SharePointPodcast 206
Michael Greth talks about ShareCamp 2012 and TweetJam State of the SharePoint Community 


Computer Power Plan impact on PowerPivot DAX query performance
Vidas Matelis, MVP, shows how Windows PowerPlan impacts performance of PowerPivot and recommends to use HighPerformance-Plan for high loads


Role-Based Management in SharePoint: User and Group Management and Permissions
MVP Dan Holme has recorded a video session about Role Base Management

Using MDX Script Debugger
Chris Webb shows how to debug MDX scripts with Visual Studio Business Intelligence Development Studio


Promotions and Demotions in FAST Search for SharePoint
Overview is provided how to pro- and demote in FS4SP and also shows how to use the not wide spread AddCommonExpression


SharePoint 2010 Managed Metadata

Find the complete series here


.. . and last but not least: Highlight of the Week: Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Download here  and get support here