SharePoint (2010 and 2013) Nuggets of the week 39

  • SharePoint Podcast by Michael Greth (in German)
    Number 237 with Hans Brender about SkyDrive (Pro)
  • SharePoint Solution Deployer (SPSD)
    New and PowerShell-based version released at Codeplex. This Deployment Tool also helps to check necessary rights and is veryh helpful if you deploy to different environments (Dev, QS, Prod)  / via 1stQuad
  • New Power of Search
    Samuel Zürcher`s Presentation about Search in SharePoint 2013 from IOZ Bootcamp
  • News in WIKI SharePoint 2013
    German Article from 1stQuad about new WIKI Library
  • SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Update August
    for Server, Foundation and Project Server
  • Modification of Ribbon-Tool
    This article in German shows how to modify the Ribbon Menu in SP2010 
  • Todd Klindt`s Podcast No 131
    he talks about a PeoplePicker Port Tester, Warmup Scripts, SP Source Builder and howto use PowerShell to replace DCPromo on Windows Server 2008 (own blog post)
  • Working with Request Manager in SharePoint 2013
    Steve Peschka shares his knowledge about new Request Manager and how to use it with PowerShell
  • Get ready for SharePoint 2013!
    List of German resources (Conferences)
  • Installation of SQL Server 2012 for SharePoint
    Shane Young shows how to install and set permissions for SP2010 or 2013
  • Jefs - JavaScript Editor
    Download a lightweight in-browser Javascript/CSS/HTML-Editor
  • PDF Viewer WebPart
    Download a WebPart which adds a "View PDF"-button into the Ribbon Toolbar
  • Move Discussion Threads
    This Tool can move discussion threads within a Site Collection