SharePoint 2013 Nuggets of the week 10

I hope you all had exciting days at CeBit Fair, SPTechCon or whatever you did these days regarding SharePoint.

Here are my Highlights of the week, collected by Microsoft internal Distribution lists, SP2013 Communitites, Yammer, Twitter, Facebook, my RSS Feed etc

  • Create a high availability architecture and strategy for SharePoint 2013
    New TechNet Article defines and measures HA, shows a farm architecture and explains fault tolerance
  • SharePoint Developer Tools now available
    Download Tools here for Visual Studio 2012 which include templates and help to develop Apps for SP2013 
  • Microsoft SharePoint SDK for Windows Phone 8
    This SDK installs SharePoint libraries and templates for WP8  
  • AvePoint WhitePaper Governance
    Find the "definite" Guide as a PDF here from MVP Jeremy Thake, Randy Williams and Richard Harbridge
  • 10 Best SharePoint Features You’ve Never Used (But Should)
    Slideshare from Axceler`s Chris Buckley. I found out that I use 9 of 10 regulary but want to work more with Condition Routing / Content Organizer.
  • Set up search and enable the crawling of your catalog Content
    Stage4 from a new blog series by Microsoft`s SharePoint ProductGroup where you learn Basic Administration Task for crawling but also how to set continuous crawl interval by PowerShell
    Stage5 covers the Connection of Publishing Site to a Catalog
  • Improve SharePoint Speed by fixing a SSL Trust Issue
    Gokan Ozcifci show how to enable logging for SSL Errors on Windows Server and how to fix a trust issue with Root Authority
  • Personal Site instantiation queues and bad throughput
    Wictor Wilen explains how Provisioning of Personal Sites work and the concept of multiple Queues
  • From site column to managed property - What's up with that?
    From Microsoft`s SharePoint IT Pro Blog: Managed and crawled properties are explained and how they relate to Site Columns
  • The Impact of Shredded Storage on SharePoint 2013
    Trevor Hellebuyck (Metalogix) explains in small blog series what Shredded Storage is, what it does and delivers first test results
  • SharePoint Podcast 260
    Michael Greth talks (in German) with BI Specialist Markus Raatz about the CeBit Fair where this prodcast was recorded
  • Enhanced Video Rendering
    Blog Post from SharePoint Product group about new Video Preview and Rendering Features