SharePoint 2013 Nuggets of the week 33

  • August CU for SharePoint has been released
    more information about SP2013   and SP2010 by Stefan Goßner
  • Yammer Social Journey Resource Kit released
    Very useful templates for your (or your customer`s) journey into a Social Enterprise 
  • Build AutoComplete Fields
    Falco Obermann shows how to develop a SPClientAutoFill Control 
  • PowerShell for Office365
    Getting started now with this tutorial 
  • Access SkyDrive Pro with API
    SharePoint`s Developer Team blogs about SharePoint API and how it can be used to access SkyDrive Pro 
  • Why do we need a Collaboration System?
    Samuel Zürcher explains in German why there is a need for SharePoint Collaboration 
  • Axceler expands ViewPoint to Yammer and SharePoint
    I already tested ViewPoint Enterprise for Yammer to measure User Engagement and growth of groups. Now it also can access SharePoint. Test it for free (limited time) 
  • Case Study: United Airlines & SharePoint
    ShowCase covers WCM, Search and Product Catalog 
  • Moodle integration for O365
    Download guidance on configuring and installing the Microsoft provided plugin for integration with Moodle, an open source course management system for educators.  
  • Yammer and SharePoint Integration
    Joel Oleson took some notes on #SPTechCon Talk about Yammer 
  • Yammer is taking SharePoint into the cloud
    CMSWire  also refers to a new Forrester research  
  • Managed metadata navigation settings in SharePoint 2013 using Powershell
    Radu Tut offers a PowerShell Script which creates a navigation based on managed metadata
  • Add new fields to a Search Center
    Sebastian Wolfram from BSS explains (in German) how to modify DisplayTemplates & managed properties