SharePoint 2013 Nuggets of the weeks 1 & 2

Now I am back at my customer`s SharePoint Project after enjoying Christmas holidays, so I want to summarize the best links I found these weeks.

  • SharePoint 2013 (Online, Foundation, Standard and Enterprise) Comparison
    Find out Feature differences between different Versions and pricing models here
  • Annual Top 25 European SharePoint Influencers list
    created by, thank you for voting for me!
  • How to: Sort search results by query string with the ResultScriptWebPart in SharePoint 2013
    Corey Roth shows developers how sort order can be changed in new Result Script WebPart
  • How to: Sort search queries in SharePoint 2013
    Excellent posting from Corey where he explains how to use SortList-Property (instead of SQL like in the past) in his KeywordQuery-example
  • Custom Entity Extraction in SharePoint 2013 without metadata
    Corey Roth uses Word Part Extraction to extract entities (a popular Feature from FAST ESP and Fast Search for SharePoint) and then build a new refiner. It is a practical tutorial based on this MSDN article
  • SharePoint Podcast with Michael Greth
    in No 249 Michael talks (in German) about Best Intranets, Branding of mySites, Usability and current community Events
  • Video-Series: Social Business Collaboration
    Siegfried Lautenbacher from Beck et al. Services explains in different German Videos Basics and Advantages of Social Business Collaboration
  • Intranet Babet offers 8 Tipps for your MySite
    (German): new recommendations how to increase user Adoption of mySite
  • Nielsen Announces Choices For 10 Best Designed Intranets 2013, 70% Built on SharePoint
    Great News from the Gurus of Usability Studies
  • Introducing the Content Search Web Part
    Blogpost from Microsoft SharePoint Team what Content Search WebPart and Display Templates can do for you
  • Enable Blob Cache SharePoint 2013
    Patrick Sender mentions that BlobCache Needs to be enabled in web.config (no GUI Option available), otherwise Image Renditions won`t work
  • New Features in Office WebApps 2013
    Wolfgang Miedl explains in a series of 2 parts difference between OfficeWebApps in 2010 and 2013. If you have licensing issues, have a look at Steve Peschka`s Blogpost
  • Step-by-Step: Build a FREE SharePoint 2013 Lab in the Cloud with Windows Azure
    In-depth-tutorial by Keith Mayer how to set up SP2013 in Azure VM
  • Sharing Managed Navigation Terms between different SiteCollections
    Tobias Lekman ran into issues with Managed Metadata Navigation and offers a Workaround
  • Sharing a Workflow Manager 1.0 farm between multiple SharePoint 2013 farms
    Wictor Wilén explains how to share a WF Manager between different farms
  • Netmedia about SharePoint 2013 Social
    Interesting thoughts and further links (e.g. to their potential Analysis, Management Requirements) from Netmedianer about SharePoint Social Projects with high user adoption

Last but not least: Congratulations to our renewed SharePoint MVP in the German speaking are: Martina Grom, Michael Greth, Thorsten Hans, Daniel Wessels, Hans Brender, Andre Lage, Fabian Moritz, Samuel Zuercher