SharePoint 2013 Nuggets of the weeks 43,44,45

busy weeks behind me! SharePoint PLA (Product Line Architecture) Delivery, Migration of SP2010 Farm Solutions to SP2013, architectural planning of SP2013 private cloud data center and much more.
Here are my collected nuggets:

  • YammerFall: New Features & wider availablity for Office365 enterprise customers
    Official blogpost about this announcement, it also covers roadmap and new features (mobile apps, document conversation, email integration and messaging)
  • Office365: what`s new in October?
    A summary of new features,
  • 5 challenges when working with Managed Navigation
    Waldek Mastykarz shows which are 5 biggest challenges and how to solve them
  • Ignite Collection of SharePoint, Yammer and O365 resources
    excellent collection of Office documents for several roles, from beginner to expert
  • Beezy for SP2013 released
    Find official blogpost from Beezy about their social solutions here
  • Big Picture of SP2013 Search
    Agnes Molares has drawn a big pictures and explains it in depth
  • SharePoint 2013: a practical review in Computerwoche
    Wolfgang Miedl has reviewed SP2013, introduces main features (especial social) and talks about main sins.
  • ShareCoffee: a new GitHub Library
    Thorsten Hans has created this new leightweight library, fully written in CoffeeScript by using Mocha, Chai and SinonJS.
  • Content Search WebPart available for Office365
    very important innovation! This popular enPremise WebPart is now also available in the cloud. René Modery has written a German introduction
  • 3. SharePoint Sendung covers Yammer
    (in German): MVP Michael Greth talks with Georg Maikler from Yammer about several topics. You might also want to see Georg`s video about Yammer & HR
    Make sure you also have seen the 2nd video about Office 365 with my colleague Gernot Kühn. 
  • New QuePort App: Site Activity Stream
    Get an instant overview about all activities & changes in your site by using this App
  • October CU for SP2013 released
    Stefan Goßner has summarized links in this blogpost
  • Microsoft Rights Management (RMS): New apps are available
    Find links to Technet Article, FAQ, Android, WindowsPhone & iOS Apps here
  • New Podcast: Microsoft Cloud Show
    Andrew Connell, MVP, broadcasted first edition of a new podcast
  • Plan to use refiners on a search results page in SharePoint 2013
    Another part of the official SharePoint IT Pro Series
  • How to configure the Search Results Web Part to use a new result source in SharePoint 2013
    Same series as above
  • Creating a Yammer-Centric Security Setup for SharePoint 2013
    Steve Peschka writes about security architecture and shares his code for custom claims provider