SharePoint, Office365 & Yammer Nuggets of the weeks 48 and 49

what happened in my last 2 weeks? Creating SharePoint 2013 fault tolerant & high availability design, writing a report of my SharePoint PLA engagement and training about governance for SharePoint developers

here are my nuggets for you:

  • SharePoint Conference 13 Session List
    have a look into freshly published session list
  • Zoom-in for Newsfeed Images
    Codeplex code for zooming into a SharePoint Newsfeed image
  • Autocompletion for Lookup fields
    Codeplex solution which offers autocomplete functionalities when using lookup fields (based on REST API)
  • Create and import query suggestions in SharePoint 2013
    Posting from official SharePoint IT Pro Blog about query suggestion / autocompetion based on imported text files
  • Prioritization of SharePoint Crawls
    Must to read posting from BSS when crawling fileservers in different wide area networks
  • Nintex Mobile available for WindowsPhone8
    Find screenshots and download links here
  • SharePocalypse
    New Podcast by MVP Michael Greth and Christoph Müller
  • Introducing Office 365 Message Encryption
    Send encrypted emails to anyone! Blogpost from O365 Team
  • Office365 Saturday
    atwork summarizes the virtual O365 event last Saturday in Europe
  • Create and import a thesaurus in SharePoint Server 2013
    another Search blogpost from SharePoint IT Pro about synonyms
  • SharePoint Sendung Nr 4
    Michael Greth talk with his guests about change management