SharePoint, Office365 & Yammer Nuggets of week 3

I have been on longer vacations in Spain, so this is my first posting back at work


  • Yammer / SharePoint Integration
    my colleague Richard diZerega shows on Youtube how it can be done automatically
  • Social Nucleus / Sociagraph
    Richard was also busy creating a free SharePoint App which Displays your Yammer Network and relationships using a sociograph
  • Yammer Working Social Tour
    Don't miss the Social Tour in Amsterdam and the opportunity to hear & meet CTO & Yammer-Co Founder Adam Pisoni & Chief Product Officer Pavan Tapadia
  • Integrate SharePointLogViewer With Chocolatey NuGet
    Max Melcher shows how to integrate them
  • SharePoint 2013 Search: JavaScript CSOM Primer
    Will Tseng lets you know how to retrieve managed properties and sort them, set a specific result source and do some duplicate trimming
  • SkyDrive Pro Client has moved
    New Location for download
  • SharePoint Podcast 287 with Sitrion CEO Daniel Kraft
    Michael Greth talks with Sitrion (formely known as NewsGator) about SharePoint Social
  • Yammer UseCase for HR / internal communications
    New Video to show how to get everybody informed or onboard new hires
  • European SharePoint Conference 2014: Community Award
    Submit your nomination now! 
  • Office 365 Saturday Europe 2013 
    Find videos in Vimeo Channel