SharePoint, Office365 & Yammer Nuggets of week 4

Now I am back from almost complete week at my customers (SharePoint 2013 Search Sizing, delivering PLA, Backup & Restore Consulting, Search Development (Audio & Video Indexing)

Here are my nuggets:

  • Search: Ranking Model Tuning released!
    Download the free tool and tune ranking and relevancy and read more about it
  • How to solve ActiveDIrectory Issues using ID Fix
    (in German): Martina Grom show how to use ID FIx to solve several issues 
  • SharePocalyse: New Podcast
    Michael Greth talks (in German)   about NSA and impacts, reflects 2013 and CES Conference few weeks ago
  • Test Lab Guide: Configuring an Office 365 Trial Subscription
    This Test Lab Guide shows you how to configure an Office 365 subscription using the Windows Server 2012 Base Configuration for Public Cloud Technologies environment.  
  • What You Must Know if Using Azure Active Directory for SSO with Yammer
    Steve Peschka explains important requirements for successfull SSO with Yammer
  • Contract Management with Yammer
    (in German): Video from PSC Consulting about managing contracts & Yammer 
  • Microsoft offers overseas data storage in response to NSA concerns
    Article from The Verge
  • Yammer & Office Web Apps: My New Favorite Integration and Why It Will Be Yours, Too
    Naomi Moneypenny shows why she is excited about this integration