SharePoint, Office365 & Yammer Nuggets of weeks 20 & 21

Last 2 weeks I was busy with these topics: Synopsis Conference Speach about SharePoint & Yammer Integration, ADFS/WebApplicationProxy/SP2013 Integration, SharePoint PLA Delivery, SharePoint 2013 Search Troubleshooting

here are my nuggets:

  • Integrating Yammer with SharePoint 2013: Navigating the Options
    CMS Wire Blogpost
  • Introducing Codename Oslo and Office Graph 
    Official video on Youtube 
  • Best Practices for Breaking Down Organizational Barriers Using Yammer
    TechEd Conference Session from Allison Michels (Yammer)
  • New SharePoint App from QuePort: myBreadcrumb
    Many customers are missing a clear breadcrumb navigation in SP2013/SPO and that`s basically the reason why BSS/QuePort developed this new app  (free for 5 users)
  • introduces the most sophisticated rules in webmail
    These kind of rules help me to get things done #GTD
  • Enterprise-grade cloud services: a high bar required for security, compliance, and privacy
    Summary from Rajesh Sha (CVP Office Servers) about new features and capabilities regarding security
  • Update on Autohosted Apps Preview program
    Preview program is ending now, so you might want to migrate to provider hosted apps
  • Debug Diagnostic Tool v2 Update 1 
    DebugDiag is designed to assist in troubleshooting issues such as hangs, slow performance, memory leaks or memory fragmentation, and crashes in any user-mode process. 
  • Open Specifications Posters
    (PDF format) make it easy for interoperability developers to explore the Open Specifications overview documents for Office client, Lync, SharePoint, Office file formats, Exchange Server, SQL Server, and Windows. 
  • SharePoint Podcast 302 with Michael Greth
    Topics (in German): Frameworks, Knowedge Management and Matchpoint Snow
  • OneDrive Cache Troubleshooting
    Hans Brender shares (in German) his best recommendations 
  • Updates to Office 365 ProPlus for admins and first look at upcoming shared computer support
    Improved ways to deploy Office365 Plus using Click-to-run and preview of shared computer support. Blogpost & Video from Office Garage
  • New Calendar App from Bamboo Solutions
    Find description here, it is free to use (until 5 users) 
  • Enterprise Social: Why “It’s Another Place To Go” Isn’t A Good Enough Excuse
    Matt Partovi from Yammer offers a great answer to a common question