SharePoint, Office365 & Yammer Nuggets of weeks 28

  • Evolving Office 365 plans for small and midsized businesses
    Details about new plans here which also includes Yammer now, starting October 1st
  • SP2013 Search & Reporting
    introduction to this topic by Nathan Brackett
  • July CU for SP2010 and SP2013
    summary and links collected by Stephan Gossner
  • Uploading file attachments to Yammer using .Net
    another DotNet Yammer blogpost by Steve Peschka
  • Large collection of free Microsoft eBooks:
    Also new SharePoint books included
  • Like for Outlook App
    new app from @atwork which brings similey to Outlook
  • Michael Greth`s SharePoint Toolbox
    Number 84 (Forms Tools, Google Maps WebPart, Corporate News App) and 85 (e.g. Workflow ListItem Validation & multiple List Items Updater, Sitrion Social API) 
  • Problems Crawling the non-Default zone (SharePoint 2013 Search)
    Deep dive blogpost from SharePoint PFE Brian Pendergrass
  • Site Content based recommendations in SP2013
    Blogpost from BSS GmbH