Quote of the day Plug-in for Windows Live Writer

Writing plug-ins for WLW is fun Smile

This is my 3rd plugin for WLW and I hope you like it. You just need to install this in your <Windows Live Writer>\Plugins folder and you should be good to go.


Just click on Insert Quotations... and you will get this window...


You can select any quote and click Ok OR double-click any quote you like to insert it in your blog post. You can also click on Random Quote to select any of the listed quotes.

If you choose All great quotes you will need to click on Reload button to ensure that all the quotes are loaded. This plug-in talks to a couple of RSS feeds to get the quotations for you.

Here are the other two plugins in case you are interested...

Social Bookmarking Tool Plug-in for Windows Live Writer

Smileys Plug-in for Windows Live Writer


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