Putting together the next version of SCVMM

Even though I'm writing a lot about V1, the engineering team here in Redmond is hard at work on the next release of SCVMM slated for next year. In V1 we had a lot of 'plumbing' code to write including a task infrastructure, the Powershell integration model, WS-Man etc. etc. I feel really good about the product we delivered and the early customer feedback has been tremendous. One of the things we didn't have a lot of time in the schedule for is what I would characterize as "polish" and we're gonna spend a few more cycles on that in this release. As some new screens come to life in the product, I'll post screenshots here on the blog.....keep in mind none of the screens are final and are subject to change (or being cut completely).

This is a screenshot of what our next autorun screen might look like.....internally we call the next release "Carmine VNext" (Carmine was the codename for V1). In case you're curious, we chose Carmine because it's a complimentary color to Viridian which is the codename for our new hypervisor.

The marketing people will ultimately slap the proper branding and name on the product. They tend to change their minds often so we just throw placeholders into the UI. Personally I think 'Carmine' sounds better than "Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007" but I digress....

Well I'm off to IT Forum in Barcelona for the rest of the week. If you're at the show, drop by our booth or attend one of our sessions and introduce yourself to me or one of my team members.