Microsoft Web Deployment Tool - Technical Preview 1 available for download

Do you remember Scott Guthrie talking about a web deployment framework? Last November he gave a hint about this tool and its here now. Technical Preview 1 of its tool has been released now and the team is open for feedback. Check out the team's blog here.

You can download the x86 version or the x64 version of this Technical Preview 1 version of Microsoft Web Deployment Tool. You can check the walkthroughs too.

I tried just playing around this tool, and believe me, it was fairly simple tool to learn, play and deploy! And, for some reason, this tool looks fairly similar to the appcmd.exe command on its syntax and its ability to output in XML format. And, the one big thing impressed me most is the manifest file input. That's awesome! Check the walkthroughs to learn about this.

Happy Deployments!