Getting started

Hi all. My name is Ralph Squillace, and I'm a programming writer for the Windows Communication Framework (WCF) -- code named "Indigo". I'm starting up a blog because the turnaround time for developer documentation is currently too long; I have sample code and documentation for the bits currently on MSDN but this information won't release for some months and could change as the product goes through further development. So why not deliver the source code and documentation I do know about now? It is fairly obvious.

In addition, if this proves helpful, you can guide our documentation by requesting the documentation that you want at Beta2 or RTM; we try hard to get the most important information out as soon as possible, but you know what you want and we can only guess -- so let me know. Request, demand, plead if necessary. :-)

I won't be providing detailed opinions on your development; there are plenty of other, better informed opinions on the web. :-) But opinions will occur from time to time.