On the perils of live demos.

Which everyone probably knows, remembering that:

  • Your keyboard currently defaults to French when you reboot, and
  • Your password will only work on the correct URL location

is really always a good idea. Eh? Also, saying "Right?" when hitting Enter may actually be the way out of the conundrum, eh, Meg? (http://twitiq.com/Origameg) (Or at least it's a new game?)

In any case, I did manage to show the basic functionality after a fashion -- thanks to Yavor reminding me of the correct URL. Sigh. Well, the next morning we made it all work. However... because I was busy making Win8 work on that slate with buggy video drivers, I did not know what the heck was going on **prior** to the demo work. I've just come up for air from that conference, and discovered what that song-ee thing was prior to the announcement and oh, boy. I just do not know what to say. Actually, I do. But my daughter -- my daughter -- can read this blog, and I think I'll do better speaking with her directly.

But... just... no. That not only isn't about development, but it's wrong, wrong, wrong. I'm not speaking as an employee, just as a human. Please, marketing people, let's learn from this, OK?

Now then: Since Meg tweeted this, too: No, I didn't cancel the Friday afternoon session because of "Right" -- I thought it MUST have been funny to others, and we broke in with the correct URL and you all applauded as you should have -- no, I had a better excuse. There's someone special in my life, and I needed to be with that person. So I went. And it's all good. Plus --> I DID do the What's New session in the morning at 9 AM (I know you weren't there because it was entirely a male audience) and things went fine THEN. Of course, I remembered the URL. :-)

And NDC is a great conference. I hope to come back next year. Meg --> you want me to do the high-perf messaging as a webinar? Either that, or invite me, and I'll come do it for you and your colleagues.

Cheers, me.