WCF February CTP: Tids and Bits. Post 3 -- Dispatchers abound; Behaviors are Runtimes.

I'll prepost this breaking change in the Feb CTP and write more about it later. In a previous post I
described the use of the extension system to write something to the
console at almost every stage of the service lifecyle on both the
service and client applications.

In the Feb CTP this has changed, because one of the insertion mechanisms (IChannelBehavior [Update: Read a touch more here.])
has vanished and because the Dispatcher object is now split into its
natural constituent parts: the ChannelDispatcher and the

Each now is responsible for dispatching from channels to services
and from services to endpoints, respectively. This means that you need
to determine on which dispatcher your previous knob or insertion point
now resides.

In addition, you should know that the DispatchBehavior is now the
DispatchRuntime and the ProxyBehavior and ProxyOperation are now the
ClientRuntime and ClientOperation, respectively. I'll post more
completely about the changes in this area in the near future.

Meanwhile, mail me with any questions you have. :-)