CRAY Supercomputers are coming to Azure

WOW! This is really a great development and I do have some personal relationship to Cray computers as I worked years ago for SGI where Cray was part of them. During that time I touched many of the high-end supercomputers and was impressed in which areas they help to resolve biggest challenges  a.e. climate modeling, precision medicine, energy, manufacturing, and other scientific research. Cray / SGI super computers are not only one of the fastest supercomputers they really also look cool :) I still have my Indy with IRIX running at home

From the blog article:

"Microsoft and Cray are working together to bring customers the right combination of extreme performance, scalability, and elasticity. Customers can get a dedicated Cray XC or CS series supercomputers in Azure to run HPC and AI applications alongside their other cloud workloads directly on the Azure network. The Cray systems easily integrate with Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Data Lake storage, the Microsoft AI platform, and Azure Machine Learning services for rich workflows and collaboration"