SCOM Reporting Services-rslogon failed

After you change password for your service accounts for SCOM you can hit below issue if you have custom reports


There are few areas where passwords has to be updated in SCOM. beside the RunAs accounts you also have to update SQL reporting services credentials stored on your SQL server. Run the SQL reporting services configuration manager to update the credentials for RS (see below article to get more detailed steps)


If you still hit report error like below, highly like you have stored separate credentials credentials to accessing data sources. so I verified the new RunAsProfiles for SQL and make sure password is correct. Still I couldn’t get my reports. In this environment we also have lots of own custom reports which have do store own credentials for accessing databases.

so lets verify this Smile 

Open http://SCOMRS/Reports and select the report which failed above with “rsLogonFailed” –> Data Sources –> Test Connection


Gotcha! this report is using separate credentials to access databases. if possible, you should avoid this and use the shared datasource option for your reports


as a key in SCOM, review the management guide for SQL to get better understanding around security. sometimes the permissions to monitor SQL instances have to be granular and restricted to the minimum to monitor health of an SQL server (a.e. highly secure networks like DMZ). I do highly recommend to checkout the SQL server management pack guide especially since the latest release there are new RunAs profiles which allow better and granular control

Microsoft System Center Management Pack for SQL Server

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