Virtualization - Some Random Thoughts....

I have been thinking about what should be the future for virtualization and here are my random thoughts:

1. Hypervisors will start playing the role of regular OS and typical apps will be available as packages which will run as virtual machines (VM) run today.

2. Hypervisors will be available in ROM's and will feature instant on capability.

3. Hypervisors will be available in a manner where both Linux (Unix) and Windows (or for that manner any OS) based application can run side-by-side with no dependency on the OS (since hypervisor will provide the base for running the applications).

4. Removable SSD will provide the storage on go and in turn your data will move with you. Kiosks will be available which will have hypervisors available and you will be able to just plugin and run your apps.

As i said earlier, just my random thoughts.