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We just published the Beta 2 Technical Refresh for the following SDK Documentation:

Occasionally, you may find a type or a method in the Class Library Reference that hasn't been documented yet.  If you encounter a type or a method that you want to see documented, post a comment to this blog entry and we will prioritize your suggestions and keep track of the requests. If we have information immediately available, we may even reply quickly with descriptions and remarks. For example:

Need documentation on T:Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.TemplateRedirectionPage

<summary>This page class is used as base page class for all publishing pages that utilize a page layout. One should avoid authoring a publishing page and use this page class directly because the required ASPX markup may change in future releases. Authors should use "Create Page" UI to create new publishing pages and developers should use PublishingPageCollection.Add() methods to create new page through OM.</summary>

  <remarks>This class can only be used in a page inside a document library and the page must have a valid ContentTypeId.PageLayout field</remarks>

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