SharePoint Developer Goodness: Just in Time for PDC 10!

Excited by all the buzz around PDC10 this week?  Here is a list of recently we have published content related to SharePoint 2010 development.  Check out what we have for you right now:


Here is a full list of what we have published so far in October:


Technical Articles


Visual How To Articles


Videos and Webcasts




Resource Centers

Coming Soon

We have more great content in the works, including:

  • Andrew Connell’s Team-Based Development white paper
  • Vesa Juvonen and Jim Crowley’s definitive Application Lifecycle Management paper
  • An MSDN version of Eric White’s blog post above
  • Ricky Kirkham’s Developer Architectures paper (the plural Architectures is not a typo!)
  • Andrew May’s Visual Introduction to SharePoint Online Development
  • And so much more!

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