SharePoint SDK Downloads Now Live with SP1 Updates (2/26/2008)

Hello SharePoint Developers!

We are excited to announce the availability of the latest updates to the downloadable SDKs for SharePoint Products and Technologies.

The February update is version 1.3 and captures changes made as part of Service Pack 1 (SP1). For more info on SharePoint Server 2007 SP1, you can start here on MSDN:

> Download the MOSS SDK 1.3 <

> Download the WSS SDK 1.3 <

Which SDK do I need to download?

If you are only coding against the Windows SharePoint Services technology, you can download the WSS SDK. However, if you are coding against Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), you should install the MOSS SDK, and then you’ll get all the platform and technology information as well. You don’t need to download both, and you don’t need to download any previous versions: the SDK 1.3 downloads are full releases that include all previous tools and documentation.

What’s New in this release?

The SDK updates in 1.3 include:

· Updated documentation files, including our offline versions of MSDN Library Technical Articles and Developer Guides
What’s New in the MOSS SDK 1.3 Documentation
What’s New in the WSS SDK 1.3 Documentation

· ASPX “Collect Feedback” Workflow Sample
This sample implements a basic collect feedback workflow that assigns review tasks to a group of people, in serial or parallel, and waits for them to be completed. It is available in both the MOSS and the WSS SDK.

· New IntelliSense XML files
We have included updated IntelliSense XML files for both MOSS and WSS. Expect to see some new screencasts on how to use XML IntelliSense with Visual Studio in the next few days—check back here for announcements!

· New Document Converter sample
We have a new Smart Client Authoring sample for Enterprise Content Management in the MOSS SDK. Included with the sample are an XSLT Applicator, a Folder Feature (for MOSS machines), sample XSL and XML files, and an installer.bat file.

Even more information: The full list of documentation changes can be found here in the developer docs team blog.

While you’re updating your SharePoint development tools…

You can also update the Visual Studio Extensions for SharePoint Services 1.1. Here is the link to the installer: . The extensions were updated on 2/11/2008.

Please keep sending us feedback!

We want to make sure you have the information you need in the SDK. Please reply to this blog entry with comments if you have a request. And don't forget to use the Community Content Wiki on MSDN to annotate the SDK documentation online. Just look toward the bottom of each page online or click the Add Content... button in the top-level menu on MSDN Library pages.

AJ, Uma, and I will all be at the SharePoint Conference from March 3 – 6 in Seattle and you can swing by our table at the Ask The Experts Lunch on Wednesday. Hope to see you there!