Unable to delete an Azure Media Services live streaming channel

When you use Azure Media Services to create a live streaming channel, a program is also created. A program allows you to control how the channel is published and archived / DVR'd.  When you want to delete an unused program, you may see the error, "No programs could be found that match the filters you provided."

If you truly have no programs when you go into the PROGRAMS section you should a message saying, “You have no programs.”


However, if you have programs but they are not listed then you get the message, “No programs could be found that match the filters you provided.”  By default the when you open the PROGRAMS list it will only list programs that were created in the last 24 hours.


If you change the query time to include a bit more time, or at least as long as you think you may have had the program round you will find the program(s).

Now that you can see all of the programs, you can delete them so that you can delete the channel.