Project Server 2010 permissions granted through RBS are not flowing through to Project Sites

When setting the security category with the option "The Project Owner is a descendant of the user via RBS". The permissions applied to this security category work within PWA and allow the superiors of Project Owners to manage their projects, however the permission "View Project Site" does not seem to work as the superiors cannot even see the project site - they are given Access Denied.
The Problem is that users cannot access Project Sites. When a project manager publishes a project, users who are a part of the team, those who are status managers and so forth are added to the project site. If users are related solely via RBS, however, they are not automatically added to the site and therefore don't get access to it.


The  solutions to this issue are:


In Project 2010, use the Project Permissions feature. Or, project managers can add users manually to the project. To do this, they can use the Build-team feature where they can filter on RBS equals the project owner's and then add the returned set of users to the project.
1.If you go to Manage Users and edit one of the resources and you change a property such as e-mail or initials and save and look at the users who have access to the site you will see that the user has now access to the site.
2 But if you go to Server Settings - Project Sites and select the site for the project and click the Synchronize button the edited resource will be removed from the site permissions.