Graphics Debugging inside of Visual Studio = new job for me!


Hi, welcome back. If you look at my older posts, you may notice that I don’t publish very much. Mostly because I’m lazy and I hated the tools inside of blogs.msdn for writing posts.

Well they’ve made it much easier now -- and I have a new job. Basically creating this:


Most people call it Visual Studio PIX. We’re calling it the Visual Studio Graphics Debugger.

I’ve always wanted to write video games. Working on this tool has finally pushed me into this realm and I hope to share everything that I’ve learned. That’s my new goal for this blog. I’d like to teach myself (and anybody that reads this blog) how to write DirectX based C++ games.

I know it’s been done before, but maybe I can explain something nobody is answering. Or at least teach one person about DirectX = me.

But if you have questions about the screenshot above, feel free to ping me Smile (There are others blogging about it too)