Coming up for breath on Windows 7

A friend of mine yelled at me for not blogging lately, so here goes….

After an odd convergence of some goofy behavior on my Vista machine and the release of Windows 7 Beta 64-bit…I made the jump.


I’m up and running, but I’m still discovering stuff I forgot to back up…nothing big.

After running Vista for ~3.5 years (I was a beta tester prior for Vista), I was pretty satisfied with Vista. Before the holidays last year I installed Windows 7 on a Toshiba M4 and was pleasantly surprised by the performance – the M4 was not very “happy” with Vista :(.

Couple of observations about Windows 7:

  • Windows 7 Beta is amazingly stable!
  • Windows 7 Beta is pretty darn fast, although my WEI is actually lower than it was with Vista. I don’t put much stock in the WEI, but it has become way to compare machines.
  • I’m still getting up to speed with the UI changes. Mostly I like them, but change requires some adjustment. Since I’ve only been using it as my “daily driver” for 1 day, I’m not sure how to use Libraries efficiently.
  • Getting used to the new Taskbar and system tray. As I’m getting used to it, I’m revisiting launcher tools like RocketDock.
  • Multi-monitor support with “Windows-P” is easy. At least in the beta at this time monitor auto-detect isn’t working for me.