Microsoft Security Grunt makes Worst Jobs in Science 2007

I was reading this at home and it reminded me of a very informative and entertaining presentation I was at when I started by one of the leaders (can't recall his name now) of the MS security group(s). His recollection of living through Nimda, ILOVEYOU, et al. was pretty informative and funny. That's one side of the story...

Being in charge of some of the largest and most often targeted sites in the world is beyond my imagination. I can't even begin to imagine how many attacks happen against all the various public and private sites MS has out there. I do recall seeing an article somewhere about a virus that tried to execute a DoS attack against Microsoft's public sites, but the combination of architecture, development, and operations pretty much made it a non-event.

Link to The Worst Jobs in Science 2007 - Popular Science

Not sure if this is really a deterent for anyone joining the security teams...besides, I was much more interested in some of the other worst jobs: Whale-Feces Researcher, Forensic Entomologist, HazMat Diver, and Elephant Vasectomist (reminded me of a Monty Python bit)