Maybe even worse than Sahil, I can't stand Sodoku. It's not like I really spend much time working on it, but for a "relaxing" activity it just doesn't do it for me. I care even less than he does, since I didn't create a Sodoku solver.

A couple of days ago, a colleague said the HD DVD encryption had been cracked. Just like I don't care about Sodoku, I quit paying attention to whether or not company Xs media encyrption is any good or not. Besides caring very little, just about every encryption gets's just a matter of how long it takes and how much effort is involved. Seems to me the guys cracking the encryption seem to be advancing faster than the guys making the encryption. 

My question is, why are so many really smart people continuing to beat their heads against this particular wall?! The encryption is good enough for me, not because I'm of outstanding virtue or anything....I just don't have the energy to mess with it. (Yes I do know that BlueRay hasn't been hacked....yet). 

As my on-going saga with the Cable/Internet/Phone provider at my house continue, I'm ever more convinved that the people implementing the encryption in products - not the guys comign up with an encryption standard - are the real problem (think back to the whole Sony RootKit...btw it is a really interesting read, in a geeky sort of way;)). The technology implementation the cable provider has chosen to prevent people from "stealing" the cable signal, seems intent to cancel my service regularly (and to think...they asked me to pay my bill during one of my many service calls...haha, that mad me laugh).

Sodoku is encryption to me - allegedly it's good for me, and I  could solve it if I choose to spend time on it, but I really don't care (did I mention that)...I just wish it wasn't so in my face...the newspaper, magazines, etc.