Updated MS Hardware drivers for Vista

If you haven't already updated your Microsoft Hardware device drivers to the Vista versions, go do it. I use an older Wireless Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth pretty regular (no wires or dongle are a good thing), but the new ones look cool also. In my battle against RSI and in general the discomfort of most of those too small laptop mice, I like the full size BT mouse. 

One of the cool features with these new device drivers is Instant Viewer, which basically tiles all the open windows onto the desktop. I find this much more convenient than Alt-Tab and Win-Tab. Alt-Tab is pretty natural, but Win-Tab (for Flip3d) is way inconvenient on the keyboard layout on my laptop. So now when I got my hand on the mouse navigating around I use the scroll-wheel button to pull up Instant Viewer to go between windows. But if I'm typing I still use Alt-Tab.