Vista...challenges & triumphs

About a week ago I updated to the latest build of Vista (Build 5472). It has been exciting and maddening all at the same time. I used one of the WDS servers so I got a fairly complete build including Office 2007.

First the good news:

Everything works right outta-the-box, as it were. Aero is there, Outlook connected easily, SideBar actually seems useful (especially once I resubscribe to some of my regular RSS feeds), yada, yada, yada.

Now the bad news:

I have a Toshiba Tecra M4. For some strange reason the install included a ThinkPad Power Management service...go figure?! This makes boot-up and login painfully long. Thankfully, disabling the service speeds things up nicely.

The M4 (maybe Toshiba's in general...I dunno) have some driver issues with the convertible screen. In other words, the screen really doesn't do different orientations anymore...not a big deal but annoying. More importantly, I think there is something going on with either Vista or the Toshiba related to power management and/or overheating. On a fairly regular basis, the machine just completely locks up and the fan(s) go fact that's how I know its dead and not just thinking;) While working at home today I put the Tecra on a passive laptop cooler thingy I have and it's worked like a champ all day, even through sleep cycles during inactivity (no I wasn't playing XBOX...maybe tonight). So my less than scientific conclusion is that it might definitely be something with the heat/power management of the hardware and not something Vista specific.

Sitting next to me is my "old" HP luggable (P4-3.2) still running XP. I find myself looking at it much like I look at Windows 2000 now that I've grown familiar with Windows XP. Vista grows on you...sure you might think the Aero UI is a little gratuitous, or the control panel is completely rearranged....but the important thing is that the time from "new" to "familiar" to "know it like the back of my hand" is really short...probably the shortest I've experienced going back to Windows 3.1 (guess how old I am?!;)).

Having Office 2007 doesn't hurt either....can't wait for the RC build...