Vista likes/dislikes

Ran across this post from Rob Relyea about Vista Beta 2.

Of particular interest to me was the link to 2 articles:

6/27/2006 - Visual Tour: 20 Reasons Why Windows Vista Will Be Your Next OS


Things I really like:

  • Live taskbar with preview thumbnails of the windows....seems like such a little thing, but I really like it. I don't find myself using the Flip3d replacement for Alt-Tab (although the Alt-Tab is much improved with thumbnails as well) except as a show-off thing ;)
  • Faster to Sleep and Start - this is definitely noticeable...but as below regarding the installation time, I've never taken a stopwatch to it.
  • Revised Namespaces - at first the slight name changes were disorienting, but now I find my self disoriented a little in XP.
  • Windows SideBar - I don't have a widescreen monitor (yet;)) so I didn't think I'ld get into the SideBar with screen space at a premuim already. But the transparency (with Aero) really makes it feel like it is part of the desktop rather than taking up space on the desktop. I have never been all that enamored with having things like an RSS feed constantly running on my desktop - it's just too distracting for me. I don't think its essential and with some really interesting gadgets (hopefully) it will be more than just eye-candy for me.
  • IE7 - love the tabbed browsing. Wish it would do more with the tabs, I still get a lot of instances/windows of IE running.

But then again....MS doesn't really have to "sell" it to me....;)


6/1/2006 - Visual Tour: 20 Things You Won't Like About Windows Vista


I have some comments:

(1) Little Originality - If you have been running MAC OSX and are a "Mac-head" then maybe this is true for you. As an OS that may be marketed at [potential] "cross-over" users....maybe. But my experience has been that the Apple, Linux, KDE, GNOME, etc. world rails against the user experience of Windows as new functionality is made available why would we expect that to be any different with this release, or the next, or the next after that. For the majority of us that have been on some form of is kinda original.

(3) Version Control - I have to agree, the 5 SKUs is a little out of control.

(4) Installation takes forever - in my 6 or 7 times installing Vista since the original "alpha" from PDC '03 installation times have improved. Then again I have never put a stop watch on it...I usually start the install in the evening and fire up a movie or log some time on the 

(7) Lack of SideBar Gadgets - whole-heartedly agree. Seems like the all the gadgets on the Microsoft site are for!

(13) Network Settings user experience went backwards - have to agree. I can't figure out what the very nice looking network diagrams are trying to tell me.

(14) User Account Controls - I can appreciate the need for it, but it comes of as nagware. Although I admit to not noticing it after a while...which either means it is unobtrusive or ineffective, not sure which.

(20) Minimum Video Requirements are really maximums - aside from the brief hiccup in one of the beta builds, I've always had Aero. The new windows-standard theme is better than the previous non-Aero theme. I really like the Aero theme...the transparency works for me to bring the content portions of the window more into focus.


I am not currently running Vista, but I was using it as my "daily driver" in the 2 builds prior to Beta2 and I hope to be up on it again soon.