Announcing the SQL Server 2012 Early Adoption Cook Book

If you are on the “bleeding edge” of SQL Server 2012 early adoption, and you need content, samples or upgrade resources to move the ball forward, read on!

Microsoft creates a lot of content designed to drive early adoption for new releases of SQL Server. We use this as a tool to arm trainers, consultants and evangelists with the content they need to introduce developers and IT Professionals alike to key improvements in a new release so they can help us drive adoption. We don't always do a good job of communicating what all of these content assets are.

To address this problem, I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of the SQL Server 2012 Early Adoption Cook Book TechNet wiki at: 

The wiki is intended to serve as a master index of some great SQL Server 2012 early adoption content being created by Microsoft and key partners. Rather than announcing new bits of content on various blogs, we will simply update this wiki so there is one place to find all the latest information about early adoption content assets.

We will be updating the wiki weekly with new content and information, so subscribe to the articles that you are most interested in if you want to be proactively notified of updates.

There is a big virtual team that has come together to make this project possible that includes people both inside and outside of Microsoft.  I would like to thank the following individuals up front for their significant contributions:

  • Brian Knight of Pragmatic Works helped us with Expedition Denali.
  • Greg Low and Peter Myers of SolidQ are helping us with developer and BI content.
  • Jonathan Kehayias and Joe Sack of SQLskills are helping us with AlwaysOn and DBA content.
  • Roger Wolter and Rohit Sharma of Scalability Experts are helping us with upgrade and application compatibility tools and content.
  • Joe Homnick of Homnick Systems is helping us redeliver our content to trainers.
  • Daniel Altamirano of Southworks is helping us with overall content development and training kit packaging.
  • Richard Davis of SharpLogic is grinding out all of our virtual machines.
  • Scott Forsyth of VaasNet is helping us host our virtual machines.
  • Joe Yong and Mo Lin from SQL Server Engineering, along with Ross LoForte and George Huey from the Microsoft field are helping us with upgrade and application compatibility tools and content.
  • Neeti Gupta, Manish Sharma, James Conard, Scott Klein, Steve DiMarco and Jackie Carr from Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism are helping us with funding, programs, content, tools, events and infrastructure.
  • Betsy Pridmore, Sherri Brouwer, Jennifer Moser, Nick King and Emilie Bridon from SQL Server Marketing are helping us with marketing and funding.

We hope you join the party and help us drive the next wave of solutions built for SQL Server 2012!