Learn SQL Server 2012 Development Now!

If you want to learn how to develop database and business intelligence solutions that fully exploit SQL Server 2012 improvements, this resource is for you!  The SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit includes technical content like labs, demos and presentations that you can use to learn SQL Server 2012 or to deliver your own training event.

Installing training kit content is easy, just download the Web Installer Preview for the kit today from the following link:


Simply launch the installer, choose the content you want and click download.  Here’s a list of the content that is currently available: 

  • Demo: A First Look at SQL Server Developer Tools Codename "Juneau"
    SSDT is a new Visual Studio based IDE for developing SQL Server and SQL Azure database solutions.  SSDT includes modern new projects and designers that will dramatically improve developer productivity.  It also supports powerful features like declarative model-driven development, platform targeting. Integration with the Data-tier Application Framework (DAC Fx) makes deploying, migrating and versioning your databases easier the ever.
  • Lab: Build Your First Web Application with SQL Server 2012 and ASP.NET
    This lab is ideal for web developers who are new to SQL Server, and guides you through the basics of coding CRUD operations and image retrieval with ASP.NET.  This lab is also great for SQL Server database professionals who want to learn the basics of web development.
  • Lab: Exploring Transact-SQL Improvements in SQL Server 2012
    SQL Server 2012 offers several new Transact-SQL programmability improvements that will make developers lives much easier, including new support for results paging,  sequence generators and better error handling.  In this lab you will experiment with each of these improvements so you can use them in your own applications.
  • Lab: Managing Rich Unstructured Data in SQL Server 2012
    SQL Server 2012 includes breakthrough innovations for developers building content management applications.  This lab will guide you through the basics of using the new FileTable object to move content in and out of SQL Server using standard SMB techniques, and how to enable rich search capabilities on top of that content using full text indexing and semantic search.

New content will be published through the Web Installer Preview on a regular basis, so be sure to check back frequently for updates.  Now let’s get started building those new SQL Server 2012 database and business intelligence solutions!