Records Management team Halloween costume

This might seem a bit off-topic, but we just had to share some photos of our team's Halloween costume this year.

Every year at Microsoft, many employees and teams dress up for Halloween and welcome trick-or-treaters to the Microsoft campus. This year, the Office "Enterprise Content Management" team (the group within Office product team that includes the Records Management team) decided that our team costume should reflect our recent experience at the ARMA Conference, particularly the warm reception that I personallyreceived resulting from our blogging efforts. (See the "People read our blog!" section of this post for more details.)

As such, we thought it would be appropriate to share some photos of the team costume with all of you.

Here is a picture of two members of our testing team (JD Klaka and Mike Dalton), showing their "Ethan / RecMan blog fan" t-shirts:

Here are several members of the team surprising me by with the team costume. I'm on the far left, and those who saw me at the ARMA conference will note that I'm not usually that shade of red ;-) :

Finally, here is a photo of several members of the Office Document Lifecycle team in costume:

(Pictured, Left to right: Lera Pakhomova, Jason Cahill, Mike Dalton, Ethan Gur-esh, JD Klaka, Eilene Hao, Adam Harmetz, Zach Rosenfield, Jon Rosenberg.)


Thanks for reading, and Happy Halloween to all those who celebrate it!
- Ethan Gur-esh,  Program Manager.