So, REALLY, where is the beef?

I wanted to take a minute to post a message to let you know what's been happening. Over the last week or so, our whole team has been just swamped with different events. Ethan started the week with a presentation at our Microsoft SharePoint Conference, here in Bellevue, WA. He then headed to AIIM while I've been remained behind to work through the remainder of the SharePoint Conference.

We haven't disappeared and we have a great plan to continue talking about what we are working on, but I wanted to send you all a quick message to let you know why we went silent. Because we working in the product groups, conferences are not a "scheduled" part of our day jobs, which means that we have less free time for anything else (including blogging) during busy weeks like these. We should be back at full steam shortly. Thanks for your patience!

Jason Cahill, Lead Program Manager