Amen, brother. Preach it, SQL-type dude!

My pal, Steve, over @ SQL Server Central has been riffing on the DBA-train-thyself mantra again. Bizactly!!

Too many people seem to believe that everything about their career should be paid for by their current employer... despite the fact that they usually went to school on their own nickel in the first place and probably did a ton of self-study (if they’re successful) to get where they are.

There is no excuse for you not to be able to improve your skills and career. There is no excuse | SQL Musings | SQL Server Central

Remember that you will “Fight like you train.” So, if you aren’t training... You’re unlikely to remember that T-SQL syntax for that database restore under pressure. Or those darn big O notation rules during an interview! I’m just sayin’.

Like Steve said, go learn something new every week. Didn’t somebody famous like Eleanor Roosevelt say that, too? Heh. I’ll only add that you need to train (review and practice) stuff that you already think you know, too.

This whole blog chain echoes something that I’ve told every person that I’ve ever advised or mentored:

You own your own career.

Period. Nobody else will ever be as invested in your career success (or failure) than you are. Not even your mommy.