Infer this, Cortana!

I’ve needed a personal assistant for a long time, but I don’t rate one here at Microsoft. (I married powerful woman with her own agenda and a workload *at least* triple my own who needs her own personal assistant, so I won’t get any sympathy there.)

Enter Cortana.

Windows Phone 8.1 will be bringing a sexy voice to my phone very soon who promises to keep track of all kinds of things for me. Stuff I may not remember about myself, so (as a data nerd) I’m very curious to see what get’s inferred from all of the digital footprints I leave everywhere now. I may be a little short for a Spartan, but this really appeals to my inner Halo player. (It’ll almost be like that whole crazy ex-girlfriend thing didn’t happen with her in Halo 4.)


Just as long as Cortana doesn’t get frisky with my Fitbit. I already know I need to be more active, but I don’t really want to be reminded of this by yet another female voice in my life.

Maybe my wife won’t mind too much, if Cortana can help me remember her birthday and our anniversary more reliably?