One last laugh for John Pinette

One of my favorite comedians passed yesterday. John Pinette was one the few contemporary comedians that we could listen to with the kids when they were small on our 3,000-mile journeys across the fruited plain. His jokes are frequently retold at Fort Reed, and his humor greatly influenced our family culture.

The world is a less funny place without you in it, John. I was looking forward to seeing you on your 2014 tour, but your sense of humor is apparently needed somewhere else, perhaps in Valhalla. Pour one out for the big guy!

Every time I’m at the gym on the Horrible Machine®, chanting “Raviolis and a nap!” quietly to myself or my inner rage is yelling at people to “Get out of the line!” or I’m suffering carb-withdrawal hallucinations, I’ll be thinking of you, buddy.

I hope to leave as big a legacy of entertained people as you did. (I know you won’t mind the pun. =)

I’m sure Heaven has an all you can eat buffet! Try not to wolf it all down before I get there.