Scary. But probably true.

Emphasis in the quote below is Jeff’s; I didn’t fiddle with the bold or italics. I just made it blue, because blue is good, right?

Pretty soon, all programming will be web programming. If you don't think that's a cause for celebration for the average working programmer, then maybe you should find another profession.
Coding Horror: All Programming is Web Programming

Of course, that’s the conclusion of the post which makes Jeff sound like he’s not a right-tool-for-the-job kind of guy (he is). It’s just the bombast to convince you that you should go read it yourself. Heh.

For the record, I’m not a huge fan of web development (the tools are generally not mature enough to support my TDD habit), even though I ran the primarily web-based development team for a dotcom for nigh six years... I am a big fan of the principle of least power (and/or least complexity).