bela dica do Negrini: prototipagem com Blend na Smashing Magazine


muitíssimo obrigado, Negrini pela dica: um post excelente sobre a importancia da prototipagem nessa era das interfaces naturais:

But how effective is it really to evolve prototypes this way, and is the process enough to address the challenges that modern UI paradigms pose? To answer this, let’s look at what support a modern prototyping tool can give the UI designer. After all, not being able to do something with a prototyping tool may render the approach impractical. In the second part of this article, I’ll shed light on Expression Blend, because it now handles the widest set of possibilities we have faced so far for squeezing the most out of a prototype.

tá aqui o post, beeeeem legal: Resurrecting User Interface Prototypes (Without Creating Zombies) - Smashing Magazine